What do I Normally carry in my Bag and Hemchu?

Daily I have to be at office by 9AM and get to leave only by 5PM. And I always have a small bag which accompany me on these journeys, either when I take my car or simply walk the 15 minutes to office.

So today, as I was walking back home, I decided to list the contents of my bag and hemchu, and check what items accompany my daily.


My smartphone is always in my hemchu. It has the necessary apps installed with both TashiCell and BMobile sims. I usually listen to radio during my walk between home and office.


My wallet also accompanies the phone wherever I go. It contains small notes in change (usually emergency cash), ATM cards for BOB and BNB, ID Cards (Desuung and CID), Driving License, copies of passport size photographs, legal stamps and few visiting cards. I have always found that visiting cards work wonders with new acquaintances, while we never know when passport photographs and legal stamps are needed.

Charger and Earphones

The phone charger for those times when your battery signals low, and earphones for listening to radios. Also, sometimes I need to listen to the voice messages on WeChat from my folks back home, so for privacy I carry my earphones wherever I go.


I also carry two pen drives (16 GB and 64 GB) which I use to backup files from my office laptop. Though I use Google Drive for backup online, it won’t hurt to have offline backup too. Initially I did have a 1TB external Hard Drive but it became an expensive paperweight. And pen drives are very convenient to carry around.

Pen and Journal

A pen and a journal for those moments when inspiration comes at unintended moments, or for quickly noting ideas.


I also carry keys to my office, apartment, and car keys. I don’t have to actually use them but it never hurts to carry a copy for emergencies.

Umbrella and Shades

And finally, a small fold-able umbrella for rainy days or for those really really sunny days, and sunshades.

I make it a point not to lug around the office laptop between home and office, as I have my personal one if I ever need it at home. But home is a place where you give time to your kids, wife and family. Only in extreme cases do I open my laptop at home.

So, what do you carry around in your handbag or hemchu daily?

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