The 2nd of May is a very special day for Bhutan. It is the birth anniversary of His Majesty the Third King of Bhutan, Druk Gyalpo Jigme Dorji Wangchuck (2 May 1929 – 21 July 1972), Royal grandfather to His Majesty The King.

His Majesty King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck is respectfully referred to as the father of modern Bhutan, as under His Majesty’s reign Bhutan took many significant strides forward in terms of modernization, a planned development process and democratization.

Modern education was encouraged and initiated with the establishment of schools throughout the country. The Third Druk Gyalpo also put an end to feudalism and slavery. His Majesty encouraged modern inventions to assist farmers such as wheeled vehicles, which greatly improved and helped with the transportation of crops and people. The judicial system was reorganized and in 1953, the Tshogdu or National Assembly (Bhutan’s first unicameral Parliament) was established. These are just a few of the many historic milestones under His Majesty King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck’s farsighted vision.

The 2nd of May, thereby, was chosen as the date to celebrate Teacher’s Day in Bhutan. A heartfelt homage to our beloved Third King and a befitting tribute to all our teachers in Bhutan.

[Source: His Majesty’s Facebook Page]

This year the Ministry of Education took the national celebration to Tsirang Dzongkhag, and I was lucky to be part of the organizing team. Sherig Lyonpo graced the occasion along with Sherig Dungchen, Director-Generals and Director, and Chiefs from Ministry of Education. From Tsirang Dzongkhag Dasho Dzongdag, Drangpon and all sector-heads were present.

But the main guests were the teachers from all schools under Tsirang Dzongkhag, who were received personally by Sherig Lyonpo with Trashi Khadar.

Cultural dances were showcased by students and teachers alike, but the main highlight for all teachers was the lottery draw organized by the ministry. There were 35 lucky winners who won ex-country trips to India and other countries. I was able to note down the names of the winners as they were announced via the loudspeakers, but the official list will be made available by the Ministry anytime soon.

On a side note, Bhutan Professional Standards for Teachers (BPST) was also launched. Bhutan Professional Standards for Teachers precisely articulates teacher quality within a framework of seven broad standards, which are split into thirty-seven focus areas comprehensively encompassing teachers’ professional and personal practices. BPST is envisaged to be the foundation of a system that nurtures and retains teachers who are highly motivated to deliver quality teaching to Bhutanese students.

[Source: Sherig Bhutan]

Teachers Day and Me

Teachers Day has a lot of memories for me ….as a student, as a teacher, and today as not-a-teacher.

I remember celebrating in high-schools and college in honour of my teachers. We would buy gifts for them and organize high-tea. Of course, it was an excuse for us to have a party in the classroom.

Later on from 2005 I became a teacher, and I was at the receiving end with gifts, cards, wishes….and feeling of being celebrated. I loved every part of it in all the 4 schools I taught. Each school has their own culture of celebration but it all ended in us being made special.

Last year I was part of the national celebration at Changlimithang, but as a guest. So in conclusion, I have been a part of honoring Teachers in Bhutan, since the idea of Teachers Day was incepted in Bhutan.

For me one charm of being a teacher is that we get to meet our teachers, and even our previous students who have become teachers. It is indeed a ‘noble’ profession as many would call it.

Winners of the Lucky Draw

The lucky winners of Round 1 & 2, totaling 25 teachers won an ex-country trip to New Delhi, India.

Round 1

  1. Sonam Dema, Tr3, Chimuna PS, Chhukha
  2. Kinzang Bida, Tr2, Damphu LSS, Tsirang
  3. Karma Samphel, Principal, Kharsadapchu MSS, Thimthrom
  4. Pema Tenzin, Tr2, Drugyal CS, Paro
  5. Sangay Tempa, Tr2, Bemji PS, Trongsa
  6. Renuka Sharma, Tr3, Sarpang CS, Sarpang
  7. Goma Biswa, Tr2, Babesa MSS, Thimthrom
  8. Robin Kumar Dahal, Dagapela MSS, Dagana
  9. Sonam Zangmo, Taktse CS-2, Trongsa
  10. Tashi Zangmo, Tang CS, Bumthang
  11. Sonam Tobgay, Katsho LSS, Haa
  12. Tshering Dorji, Baikunza PS, Chukha
  13. Shri Doj Viva, Tencholing PS, Wangdue

Two additional names were added to Round 2 since two recipients from Round 1 were on EOL, so were disqualified.

Round 2

  1. Karma Tshewang, Tshogonpa School, Trashigang
  2. Sonam Choden, Changzamtog LSS, Thimthrom
  3. Dorji Wangdi, Sarpang CS, Sarpang
  4. Duba, Radhi MSS, Trashigang
  5. Madhan Chhetri, GUDCS, Haa
  6. Tandin Wangchuk, JLLSS, Thimthrom
  7. Kezang Choki, Logodama PS, Punakha
  8. Tshewang Dendup, Zhemgang CS, Zhemgang
  9. Pasang Dema, JNLSS, Thimthrom
  10. Pasang Dema, Dechentsemo CS, Punakha
  11. Pasang, Damphu LSS, Tsirang
  12. Kencho Cheten, Tang CS, Bumthang
  13. Shaym Kr. Dulal, Tendruk CS, Samtse
  14. Tashi Gyeltshen, Khotakha PS, Pemagatshel

The lucky winners of Round 3, totaling 10 teachers won an ex-country trip to a third country, which basically means beyond India.

Round 3

  1. Sangay Choden, Drugyal LSS, Paro
  2. Rukmina Nepal, Phuntsholing MSS, Phuntsholing Thromde
  3. Cheten Zangmo, Katsho LSS, Haa
  4. Sonam Yangdon, Khangkhu MSS, Paro
  5. Sangay Chezom, TYLSS, Trashiyangtse
  6. Cheten Pemo, Samtse HSS, Samtse
  7. Ugyen Dorji, Gyelpozhing CS, Mongar
  8. Tshering Choden, Wamrong LSS, Trashigang
  9. Yonten Thinley, Nagor MSS, Mongar
  10. Dawa Tshering, Kuzugchen MSS, Thimphu

[Photographs courtesy of Sherig Bhutan, while my personal photographs is by Incredible Sight]

Disclaimer: There might be some mistakes in the above name list, since I noted them down from the announcements over the loudspeaker. For the official list, please contact HRD, MoE.