5 reasons why you should watch Super Star

Kencho Wangdi’s Super Star is the latest movie in town. I went to watch it on its 8th day of release at Lugar Theatre, and the theatre was packed. It’s a good sign, because not every movie can boast this kind of achievement of having a packed audience after a week’s show.

I found out that the audience thoroughly enjoyed the show, as was evident from the random comments overheard and reactions from the audience.

Thus, I present 5 reasons why you should go and watch this movie tonight. It screens at 6:30 pm from today at Gadhen Cinema Hall in Paro.

Spoiler alert!

1. Cast

‘Super Star’ has Tashi Pee Dorji, the three-time ‘Best Actor’ winner and Kezang D Wangmo, who is returning to the silver screen after a stint at politics. Kencho Wangdi and Karma Choechong also share the screen in their stereotypical roles of good guy and bad guy.

Gyem Dorji and Aum Lhamo completes the cast as the elderly parents of the village lass.

It is refreshing to see newcomers Sangay Tshering and Sonam Dema of Druk Super Star season 7 debuting here in their supporting roles.

2. Humor

You need not have Phurba Thinley and Gyem Tshering anymore in the cast to add humor to the script.

Gyem Dorji alone does it here and that too, very impeccably with his infamous line having the double-edged connotation ‘chala’.

His line went viral on Tiktok, and was instrumental in bringing more viewers to the theatre. Aum Lhamo also supplements with her own magic to the humor.

3. Sarcasm and Stereotype

This movie also takes a subtle dig into the world of singing competitions in Bhutan, where contestants begging for votes and accepting money may have become a norm.

At the same time the plotline of ‘guy from city goes to countryside, seduces village lass and leaves her pregnant‘ is almost similar to others from few earlier movies.

4. Songs

What is a Bhutanese movie without songs?

Super Star has voices of contestants from previous seasons of the Druk Super Star Show, along with renowned playback singers.

Karma Phuntsho, Kuenzang Lhamo, Pema Rinzin, Phub Zam, Dechen Dorji, Phuntsho Wangdi, and Kinzang Choden are some of the singers who have lent their voice in playback singing.

  • Listen to Karma Phuntsho & Kuenzang Lhamo’s Chi Maen Nye Ya Maen with lyrics & tune by Sonam Tenzin, and music by Karma Music Studio.
  • Listen to Pema Rinzin & Kuenzang Lhamo’s Rela Kepi, with music by Tandin Dorji.
  • Listen to Ngi Jarim Ngi Sarim by singers Phub Zam & Karma Phuntsho.
  • Listen to Super Star by Dechen Dorji, Phuntsho Wangdi and Kinzang Choden.

5. Awards

Bhutan film industry’s dark humor of having awards for a movie even before the movie is screened to the public, made us wonder what was so great about the movie that it was nominated for many awards.

It bagged for Best Lead Male Actor, Best Lead Female Actor, Best Cinematographer, Best Supporting Female, and nearly bagged the award for Best Movie at the 18th National Film Awards in February 2019.

But now that I finally watched the movie, I stand corrected.

On a hindsight Kencho Wangdi’s ever prominent big-brother /good-guy persona but not necessary the protagonist, seems almost expected.

At the end of the movie, I was left with a question ‘what happens to Kencho Wangdi and Karma Chechong’s character?‘ The movie seems to points out life’s reality, that not all bad deeds go punished, or not all good deeds are rewarded.

[Watch the trailer here]

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to this movie, nor to the reality show. All photographs and songs are from the public domain.

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