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Reflecting on the Past Year

As 2018 concludes today, I look back at my moments and see what all have I accomplished, what I have done and whom have I met…

2018 started from celebrating the new year with my wife’s family at Thimphu, to serving my nation in the capacity of a Desuup at Changlimithang, to becoming a grandfather to two grandsons (both my Niece and a Nephew’s wife gave birth to boys), to getting a much-due promotion to P2A, to my daughter Mentsuen’s 1st birthday, to receiving a laptop for office use, to traveling to Japan TWICE, to shifting apartment from Changzamtog to Jungshina, to lots of photography moments etc etc….everything culminates to this last day of 2018.

All these moments added to making who I am. So I thank everyone for these. But were there some moments which I wish hadn’t happened? There were few, but even those undesired incidents did teach me lessons….on how to avoid such incidents.

But…am I satisfied with 2018? NO. I could have done some things a lot better, and I could have tackled some situations a lot smarter…but these are the lessons which I learned.

Anyways, today is a good day to reflect on it all. And look forward to 2019.

Furthermore I wish for more adventures, more travelling, more photography moments and more stories to write in 2019.

I wish everyone…

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KK is a civil servant hailing from Trashiyangtse. He labels himself as an amateur blogger and a passionate photographer. He is based in Thimphu City, BHUTAN

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