These days everyone owns a smartphone, and with it, all have become photographers. But you can still do better than what you are currently doing. All you need to become a better photographer is to remember to do the following;

1. Clean your Lens

Nothing is more irritating than a blob on your lens which affects the autofocus of your camera. Always have a clean lens.

2. Use Natural lights

Use natural light as far as possible. But be reminded of the harsh light the midday sun gives, which you must try to avoid as much as possible. Photographs come out the best with soft lights.

NEVER use flash, not even at night.

Sunset at Thrumshingla
Capture the moment

3. Edit the Photographs; use Editing apps

Don’t shy away from using editing tools. Among many, I use Snapseed, which I find very comfortable and handy.

4. Learn to use the Manual mode; adjust exposure manually

I always use the Pro mode with WB Cloudy and ISO 400, especially in low-light situations, which adds a warmth to the photographs.

Purple flowers
Focus on the subject

5. Hold it Horizontal, as it gives a wider frame

And hold your mobile phone Steady. Nothing is more deterrent than a shaky or hazy photograph.

6. Composition – Framing, Rule of Thirds and Leading lines, Focus

Using proper composition really helps to take professional photographs. Experiment with all.

And just for the sake of it, I give you three more tips to take professional photographs with your mobile phone.

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Use compositions

Never use the digital zoom feature

Instead, use your legs and move yourself.

Take lots of photographs

Yes, take lots. You can always delete the ones you don’t need. But try different composition.

Use different angles too.

You just might find your niche in photography.

Candle Lights
Use the lights

The above are tried and tested methods, which I use. Visit my blog and gallery for more awesome photographs.