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Let’s Help Nima

Human beings are social animal. We love to stay in packs, in groups, in a unit. That is why we have villages and towns and cities. That’s why we have family.

There is this innate desire to bond with others of our own kind. And Being Bhutanese that’s who we are. That’s what we do. We lookout for the less fortunate. We help. Keeping this in mind, I share this story.

The unfortunate bus accident of 4th May 2019 near Basochhu is fresh in many people’s mind. The image of the mangled bus in the torrential summer-monsoon fed Punatsangchhu is a grim picture that many pray they forget, but can’t. The boulders that fell down the cliff knocked the bus off the road, down to the gushing river.

That accident claimed eight lives, and changed many others. This is the story of a boy whose life was forever changed. The story of a boy who barely crossed his teenage days only to be stuck by this tragedy.

Nima is a 21-year-old boy from Mendrelgang, Tsirang. He belongs to a farming family of 6, including his 3 siblings. He worked at a furniture house in Thimphu after leaving his studies and was on his way home to visit his parents when the accident happened.

He was also hospitalized along with many others post-accident. But in his case, doctors said that his spinal cord was damaged. The whole of his lower torso was rendered immobile. He was paralyzed. He couldn’t walk. The only way he would be able to move would be by using a wheelchair. Even after 3 and half months in Thimphu hospital, nothing more could be done.

His parents were devastated, but didn’t give up hope. They took the advice of their well-wishers and had him admitted at a local clinic in Nishigaon in Cooch Bihar, India which specializes in cases like Nima’s. They had to sell part of their ancestral land to pay for the expenses. A month later there is a ray of hope since it seems that there is some response to pain and slight movement.

With positive response from the patient but expenses mounting, the parents decided to sell some more of their ancestral land and asked their sister Sangmo Gurung to lend them some money while keeping their land.

But instead, Sangmo used her goodwill and took to social media to get some sponsors to chip in for the hospital expenses.

Thus, I also extend this call for help. I call upon all individuals, institutions, and everyone else to donate for Nima’s recovery process. Chip in any amount to the following accounts of Nima’s father and mother.

Father – Gyembo Dorji
BOBL Ac # 102050853

Mother – Sabitra Maya Gurung
BDBL Ac # 0031-10140729

For further inquiry please call Sabitra Maya Gurung at 17279469

Adapted from original Facebook post by Sangmo Gurung, with additional information from Sabitra Maya Gurung.

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KK is a civil servant hailing from Trashiyangtse. He labels himself as an amateur blogger and a passionate photographer. He is based in Thimphu City, BHUTAN

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