Environment Online – Bhutan

A Voluntary Programme

Environment Online (shortly ENO) Bhutan is a national school network and web community for sustainable development. Environmental themes are studied throughout the school year and campaigns arranged in coordination with ENO Programme Association, simultaneously around the world.

The ENO Bhutan programme is coordinated and maintained by a voluntary ENO Country Coordinator based in the city of Thimphu.

Voluntary Organization

ENO Bhutan is a voluntary network. There are school coordinators who voluntary work within their school programmes to share the information about ENO and report their activities to ENO Country Coordinator.

ENO Bhutan and UN

Since the ENO Bhutan country coordinator works in the National Commission for UNESCO in Bhutan, he works towards Sustainable Development Goals.


  1. Climate Agreement by Schools 2019-2025
  2. World Summit of School Students for Climate 2019
  3. Envirate Week 2019


Karma Kuenzang Wangd
Thimphu City, Bhutan
Phone: +975-17632043
Email: kk.wangdi@gmail.com/ bhutan@enoprogramme.org

ENO Bhutan