How to download and activate Office 2016 for FREE without a product key

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Office 2019 is the latest version of the Microsoft Office productivity suite, succeeding Office 2016. But I still use 2016 in my home laptop, while I have upgraded to Office 365 in my work laptop.

Most of the computers in our country come with Windows OS and some pre-installed Microsoft Office Packages. In my case, the new Dell Inspiron 14 3000 series I was issued with had Office 2007 preinstalled. Who would want to use Office 2007 when the latest version is available?

But then if you do download and install 2016 version, it is usually not activated which, after some period will not give full accessibility to all its features. So, to get around it, I have found the perfect solution, i.e. to activate it without using a product key.

How? I have done some internet research and found some tried-and-tested methods to activate any version of Office without the need of a product key. I will share the method with you. But first, for those who don’t have Office 2016, I will provide the link and guide you step-by-step on how to install it. Then I will take you through the process to activate it.

Download Microsoft Office 2016 using Office Deployment Tool
You can download the latest version of Microsoft Office 2016 via the Office Deployment tool here. Please add a config.xml file and a install.cmd files inside your extracted folder. Then you can use this ‘install’ batch file to install Office 2016 on your computer.

Download original Office 2016 ISO
You can download an original ISO image here. Click on the ISO file and run the setup file (named “setup.exe”) to install Office on your Windows. Don’t forget to tick on “I accept the terms of this agreement” and click on “Continue”, and “Install Now”. By default, Office will be installed in C:\Program Files. After the Office 2016 is installed, if you check the activation status, it will show as “Activation Required”.

Activate all versions of Office 2016 for FREE permanently
The following supports both Microsoft Office Standard 2016 and Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016.

Click here and copy the code. (Your code should start with ‘@echo off’ and end with ‘pause >nul’)

Open a new text document. Paste it into the new text document. Save the new text document as a batch file (named “1click.cmd”) on your desktop.

Go to your desktop and right click on the batch file you created, which will have the name “1click” (the extension is usually hidden). Select “Run as administrator” option on the menu.

A Command Prompt will run and after a minute your Office 2016 will be activated. Be sure to have your computer connected to the internet during all this time.

Congratulations! You have successfully activated your Microsoft Office 2016.

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