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Climate Agreement by Schools 2019-2025

An Invitation to the Schools of the World

ENO will celebrate 25th anniversary in 2025. Schools will launch a global C02 campaign to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Pupils around the world will gather 29 May -5 June 2019 in Finland to agree the jointly organised climate actions.

To celebrate quarter century of the ENO, pupils from over 10 000 schools in 150 countries will agree the goals of reducing carbon dioxide as follows:

1) With this movement, pupils raise up the fact that the mankind with its action has reduced forest area and their capacity to work as sink for carbon dioxide. Tree planting is needed to improve the carbon balance between carbon in the trees and atmosphere.

2) Pupils raise the fact that tree planting is a significant way to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Planting forests does not need complicated technology or big money. What we need is earth, Sun, water and seed and a man who ensures the start of growth of trees. When working together we can plant a huge number of trees to grow like recently finished 100 million trees campaign in ENO has showed.

3) The goal is to transfer 3 million tons carbon dioxide from atmosphere by 2025 when ENO Programme celebrates 25th anniversary

Get your school involved!

BEFORE registering your school to this awesome movement, please be aware that your school will

A) be committed to plant trees each year at least 0,5 hectar (50m2) , between the years 2019- 2025. Trees will be planted in the areas where forest hasn’t been cut in 10 years. This way a new forest ( carbon sink ) will be ensured.

B) agree with private or public land owners the suitable land areas for these climate actions. They will also agree the delivery of the suitable reforestation material for free with suppliers of seeds and seedlings. Names of partners will be published in the international media.

C) agree with the partners about the carbon compensation in the forest biomass. Schools can use these compensation income by partners to improve their schools activities.

D) report the annual growth of trees to ENO. ENO will publish annual summaries based of the data.

Each committed school will receive a special designed certificate.


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