Easiest way to find the Original Cost of any Auto-Component Online

We all have experienced car trouble at one point in our lives…well, more than once for some. And spare parts cost an arm and a leg as we feel that workshops and dealers always look to rip us off. And it’s much more expensive in Thimphu City.

Well worry not anymore, because I have a solution to finding the right car-part along with it’s part-number, so that you know how much it actually costs and how much the middle-man takes as commission.

If you have a credit card you can even order it yourself, and do away with the middle-man. You can have it couriered to yourself or someone can even pick it up from Jaigaon for you (it is free delivery)

Yes, I am talking about a website and a mobile App using which you can identify the actual car-part along with its part-number and even know how much it costs in Delhi, or Korea, Japan, UAE or even in Europe.

Yes, you read it right. is the website for you. It also has a mobile App. Boodmo is an online marketplace for auto components. It shows vehicle-parts along with part-numbers, and even diagrams, categorized into transmissions, engine, etc. You can log in via your Facebook or Google account or you can even choose not to log in, yet can continue your search.

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You can search via Cars, VIN or Part Number. You can even search via Brands, Models and Year of manufacture of any vehicle. Or it even gives you pictorial options to choose from.

Once you reach your products, the price is mentioned alongside. Or in some cases, once you reach your product, just click on the part-number, and it will redirect you to a new application which will show you the rate in Rupees and from where it is available.

I had the opportunity to use Boodmo to search for a product and find its cost. And I ordered the same part via Durga Hyundai at Jaigaon (+91 97327 23000). They delivered it at the same rate as was mentioned in Boodmo. There was just some weeks of waiting time.

I know some of you guys order your car-parts via the local dealers in Thimphu, and they do deliver, but at higher rates. So use Boodmo to compare the price. Find out the actual cost.

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Jigme Tenzin

It’s very helpful – when looking for genuine parts, as genuine parts are not available or either you get ripped-off by the seller.


Matthias Keegan

I wanted to order an item from your webshop, but I cannot find the product anymore on your site. I hope you will sell the product again soon,
mail me if you are going to sell it again, I’ll wait.


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