Not your typical Love songs

Last Sunday, I took off from home to partake in the International Youth Day 2018 celebrations at Coronation Park, where Youth Caring Community (YCC) in collaboration with Nazhoen Lamtoen, was organizing the first ever National Youth Awards. It was a lazy Sunday for me and I had time to kill.



Colors and Words

This past week I was travelling and documenting my journey via photographs. But mostly I was sitting still, some thousands feet up in the sky and wondering about life. What if this plane catches fire? What if I were to die today? What if I were never to return home,


How I met your mother


Mentsuen Darling,

Today I share with you a story of the first time I met your mother.

It is Jakar tshechu. The year 2016. I am with a couple of friends, on lookout. For me, a tshechu is an occasion to flaunt myself, and also to get to know new people… I


Happy Birthday

Dear đź’žMentsuen,

The first time I saw you, I was afraid to hold you. Because I didn’t know how to. đź’•You see, I had never held a newborn before. But the realization that you were my daughter gave me the courage to take that leap of faith.I held you, dearly.đź’“ But

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Half-yearly review of my pledge for 2018

Last December, my office was conducting a training workshop on global citizenry through education, and as part of the session I was invited to write ten pledges for 2018. It was a small exercise upon the culmination of Education for Sustainable Development sessions.

It was ad hoc and as I was

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Eating the Bhutanese way at Babesa Village Restaurant

For any foreigner, a visit to Thimphu is incomplete without dining at Babesa Village Restaurant. It is a highly recommended place which offers authentic Bhutanese cuisine in a medieval setting. I have already visited Simply Bhutan and Folk Heritage Museum, both living-museums which offer feasts for your eyes and palate,

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of Peppa Pig and English language

The first time I came across Peppa Pig was in Jakar, when I saw my colleagues’ children watching some episodes on YouTube. I must also have watched some scenes as I surfed the channels on TV but I didn’t think much of some pinkish cartoon animals talking.

But recently, this show


What do I normally carry in my bag and hemchu?

Daily I have to be at office by 9AM and get to leave only by 5PM. And I always have a small bag which accompany me on these journeys, either when I take my car or simply walk the 15 minutes to office.

So today, as I was walking back home,


What Apps have you installed in your Android smartphone?

Smartphones are an indispensable accessory of the modern Bhutanese. And it is also a style accessory, with individuals shelling huge amounts to buy the latest phones in the market. Vendors and accessory dealers make a lot of money in this niche market.

Tons of Android applications or Apps are available to